Friends of the Library

“America’s libraries are essential to the continued growth of our nation and they constitute a basic building block of our country. A literate society is needed for a civilized nation. The library is part of the social fabric of a community. Supporting the library strengthens the entire infrastructure of a town or city. Friends of the Library is the facilitating mechanism that can reach the smallest hamlet and the largest city.” –Jack Short

Who are the Friends of the Library?

The Friends of the Library groups are nonprofit organizations dedicated to preserving and strengthening the Libraries. They enrich the library in a number of ways.

  • Friends promote public awareness and appreciation of the Library.
  • They sponsor special events, programs, and book sales throughout the year.
  • They enhance the Library by donating important items or by funding programs that are not in the Library’s budget.
Friends of the St. George Library

Friends of the St. George Library

As Friends of the St. George Library, we encourage imagining, dreaming, inquiring, creating, and discovering. We encourage the love of good books and a lifetime of reading. We encourage the library experience for all ages. We enhance the library and all its branches as advocates to support, strengthen, and protect the entire Dorchester County Library System. For more information, please email

We are a nonprofit organization of volunteers whose objective is to work with the Dorchester County Library System to promote the Library within the community and to enhance its resources and services. We accomplish this primarily by promoting public involvement in the Library and by raising money through membership, the Friends Store, and an ongoing book sale. Profits benefit the St. George Branch of the Dorchester County Library.

How to Join:
Please contact us at for information on how to join the Friends of the St. George Library. Our members are one of the driving forces of the Library, and we hope you will considering joining today!

Executive Officers:
Millie Chaplin, President
Position Vacant, Membership
Position Vacant, Secretary/Treasurer

Books Sale:
The Friends sponsor an ongoing Book Sale at the Library. Please visit the St. George Library and browse our ever-changing selection of books, audiobooks, and movies for sale.

Adult Books: $0.50
Juvenile Books: $0.25
DVDs/Blu-rays and CDs: $0.50

Friends of the Summerville Library

Friends of the Summerville Library

The Friends of the Summerville Library (FOSL) are a nonprofit organization comprised entirely of volunteers who are engaged in a wide variety of services and programs. Visit the Friends of the Summerville Library website for more information.


We are a non-profit organization with the mission of acting as a bridge to the community by:

A. Increasing public awareness of, focusing attention on, and expanding the use of the library as a major resource for an informed community;
B. Initiating, organizing, promoting, and encouraging cultural and educational activities;
C. Stimulating gifts and endowments for the library as well as fundraising in support of library and FOSL activities, and;
D. Working with the Library Board of Trustees, the Library Director, and the Library Manager in a spirit of mutual cooperation.

Friends of the Summerville Library Bylaws

How to Join:
Friends of the Summerville Library receive a monthly update highlighting upcoming Friends activities and programs. By joining the Friends, you will get previews of what’s going on at the Library as you show your support for this vital part of Summerville. To join the Friends, please visit our Membership page.

Executive Officers:
Becky Westfall, President
Mevelyn Williams, Vice President
Beverly Brockman, Secretary
Anne Gleason, Treasurer

The Friends are engaged in a variety of services and programs, including:

Annual Meeting-Once each year, the Friends hold a meeting open to all members to review the past year’s accomplishments and activities.

Monthly Meetings-The Friends meet most months on the second Tuesday of the month in the Westvaco Room of the Summerville Library. The meetings are open to all members as well as anyone in the community.

Summer Reading Program-The Friends make a major contribution toward the books used as rewards for all ages for the annual Summer Reading Program.

Donations to the Library-The Friends make donations to the Summerville Library to enhance the services of the Library.

Used Book Sales-The Friends currently hold used book, CD, and DVD sales three times a year. Funds raised by these sales are used for special needs of the Library and to support various programs offered by the Friends for the benefit of the Library.

Book Clubs – The Friends support multiple book clubs, including “It’s a Mystery to Me,” “Romance Readers,” and “First Thursday.” Visit the Dorchester County Library Book Clubs page and the Friends Book Clubs page for more information.

Upcoming Events:
Please visit the Friends of Summerville Library website to see a complete list of upcoming events.